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Vertical Radiators

After over a century of dealing with the frustrations of trying to design and decorate rooms around the presence of a monstrosity of a radiator, at last someone has done something about it. Recognizing that the available wall space in every room is at a premium in the horizontal plane and largely unused in the vertical plane, modern radiator makers have adopted the simple expedient of designing and making vertical radiators.

Gone are the days of the standard horizontal radiator that showed virtually no significant difference in appearance from one maker to another. Catering to the interest of modern designers and homemakers in making their spaces look unique, manufacturers have gone the extra mile in creative application of modern technology to their products.
One outgrowth of that effort has been the creation of radiators that emit heat without the exposed surface becoming a burn hazard to anyone who happens to bump into them. In addition, vertical radiators can be had in a wide variety of designer looks and finishes. These units can now be incorporated into room designs from the traditional to the post-modern. Modern technology also allows for the application of a range of surface finishes that would have boggled the minds of our ancestors.
So, what if your home has horizontal radiators that you have an interest in replacing with vertical units? While there are certain rules regarding the efficient dispersion of heat around a living space, expect to find that one will now have rather more leeway in siting their vertical radiator than was the case with the old units.
At Radiators UK, we supply the greater Cheshire area with vertical radiators. From standard to designer vertical radiators and everything in between, we sell it all. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance at any time in helping you choose your next central heating radiators.
At Radiators UK, our collection of traditional and modern radiators will amaze you with their unique features, designs, and all come tested to the highest standards. All of our traditional radiators have the option of either operating on a conventional central heating system, or as dual fuel.  However, do not despair although we offer a large range of modern heated towel rails, cast iron radiators, and designer radiators, we also have an exquisite range of traditional radiators.
Due to an excellent reputation earned with many of the leading manufacturers, Radiators UK is able to offer you discounted rates on all our radiators. All of our appliances are delivered direct from manufacturers here in the UK.  This cuts out the middleman and gives you the low prices you deserve, with massive savings against recommended retail prices.  In addition, you get free delivery on all items. So, call us today for any information on radiators. 
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