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Add Style With Cast Iron Radiators

Finding the right cast iron radiator, electric radiator, stainless steel radiator or heated towel rails can be a very laborious task especially when it comes to knowing the size or dimensions required to heat an existing room. If you are looking at redesigning a room or installing new towel radiators, electric radiators or other heating radiators but have no idea at how to measure the size of radiators required please call Radiators UK at 0845 259 1052. Please first measure your room, as then we will be able to give you the power output required by each radiator per room. 

For some, the traditional radiator, so pleasing in almost any setting both contemporary and period, can sometimes be invasive to the building when installed. Original old floor boards may have to be lifted damaging the wood surfaces and causing uneven flooring, expensive extensions to existing plumbing systems to loft, cellar and conservatory extensions. The quickest and easiest answer to all these problem areas is the electric radiator.
An electric, traditional radiator sounds like a contradiction in terms but it is possible to have a beautiful old style cast iron radiator or traditional towel radiator, working with all the heat qualities associated with these radiators, requiring no plumbing or attaching to your wet plumbed system. This is a huge advantage for those customers will be moving their electric radiators from room to room or from the home to the office. This can save you much time and money, as one electric radiator takes the spot of two or maybe three radiators you do not have to buy. 
Electric traditional towel radiators provide a very flexible heating method as rooms that do not require heating during the day can be switched off to save money and energy. Temperature settings are adjustable and may also include a frost protection option. So if you are in the bathroom in the summer you can heat your towel for extra comfort and bedrooms during the day can easily be switched off to save energy as well as living areas during the night time.

At Radiators UK, we specialize in selling radiators for the home, and nothing else. From cast iron radiators, designer radiators, electric radiators, vertical radiators, standard radiators and heated towel rails. This has led to us becoming experts at heating the home. With this knowledge, you can rest assured that we will take care of every requirement all at outstanding prices with no hidden extras. Whether it is bathroom radiators, stainless steel radiators or towel radiators, we are confident that you will find the perfect addition to your home throughout our selection of carefully selected radiant products.
Since our specialization in selling radiators for the home, we can focus totally on providing you with just one thing - the very best value and service.
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